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Live Acoustic/Electronic Sound Healing Experience

Garnet Mode uses voice and music instruments precisely tuned to healing frequencies in combination with live electronic hardware production to bring the audience into a deeply entranced or blissfully ecstatic state, where listening becomes a tactile experience.

Garnet Mode is a Toronto based collaboration between the medicine woman Mariya Garnet and electronic music producer Kot-Mod (Slava D.)

Mariya has been working with sound for over 10 years, using it in ceremonial and shamanic context to heal people's souls and bodies and to guide them with her voice through altered states of consciousness. Mariya still offers shamanic sound healing in her adopted Amazonian tradition and you can read more about her healing journey here.

Slava's love for sound manifested through his work as a DJ, sound engineer, record producer and live producer of electronic music. 

In 2016 Slava and Mariya met and fell in love. Their passion for sound and desire to bring deeper meaning and transformation to human condition was something that brought them closer together as life partners and artists in collaboration.

In 2018 Garnet Mode was created as a unique cross-over between the acoustic and electronic music universes, united by the intention to use sound as the mean to bring unity and connectedness into the world.

Playing Next:

August 3-6
Open (Air) Anahata 
September 14-16
Harvest Festival
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